Partnering with The Roadie Clinic to help them empower and heal roadies by donating a portion of all revenue.

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We are a small software company based in New Jersey. A team of two that build tools that help people put on a show in ways they couldn't before.

We work to make software that is useful, well-designed, and as user-friendly as it is powerful. We also work to make Show Code a friendly and accessible resource for our customers, and a good neighbor in the communities where we work and live.


Organize, plan, and communicate all of your audio projects in one shared space effortlessly.

Visit to sign in to your account, buy licenses, download SoundBase, and read the SoundBase manual.


Can't find what you need? Build it. Our APIs let you develop custom solutions for your products and the way they work.

Visit to see a demonstration of our API capabilities. Contact us at for more information on how to integrate our APIs into your products.

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